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About us

RAYCH Consulting is an education agency that was developed in Melbourne in February 2010, and has since represented large numbers of international students and education providers. We are a qualified and experienced education agency in Melbourne who enable international students to access all the information they require to begin their new journey in Australia. Our students are entitled to receive individualised counselling and agent services to ensure they achieve a happy and productive overseas study life in Australia.

According to the National Code 2007, we act responsibly to both prospective students and education providers in several ways by:

  • marketing education and training services honestly

  • providing accurate and relevant information about education institutions and their courses to students

  • providing correct and up-to-date student information to education providers

  • recruiting and placing students with a professional attitude

Our services

Our counselling and other services are completely free, and include research on course information, offer letter applications and processing, school transfers, career pathways and more.

Our core values

  • Respect the individual - We treat each other with respect

  • Integrity - We communicate accurate, timely and relevant information to education providers and students

  • Client Value Creation - We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients based on delivering value

Our target market

We provide our services to both onshore and offshore international students. Most of our students hail from mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan, and are able to easily communicate with our Chinese-speaking consultant team.

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